Monday, June 10, 2013

Sugar Free Vegan Cupcakes

Recently, a very close friend of mine was feeling a little sad. I thought to perk up his day by making these delicious vegan chocolate and sugar free cupcakes which he can enjoy without guilt as he is diabetic.

I experimented with Agave Syrup, which is a natural sweet syrup derived from the Agave plant. The amount of processed sugar I use for my baking and icing halved down in portion because of the Agave Syrup. It is a lot more sweeter then sugar, but has a very low glycaemic index so it doesn't spike the bloodstream as high as normal sugar does, therefore having a slow release and sustaining blood sugar levels.

I ain't no doctor, but anything sweet in any form still have to be used sparingly and also enjoyed sparingly by diabetics. However, these cupcakes will have lesser impact on them then normal cupcakes.

I'm planning to make the above more often so if you don't take sugar or any dairy products, or allergic to dairy, the above is the right cupcake for you. And lemme tell you it is delicious!

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