Monday, June 10, 2013

A Pot Full of Rainbows!

These cupcakes have to be one of my new favourites that I've ever made! A regular client of mine requested a rainbow theme for her daughter's 2nd birthday, and she loved the idea of having potted cupcakes as part of the dessert/decor.

So I suggested making roses in different colours of the rainbow, bought some textured looking pots and finished it off by piping green icing leaves in between each cupcake.

The result......candy coloured shades that make your believe in a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Chocolate Paleo Cupcakes

Recently, I have also been experimenting by making Paleo Cupcakes. I have a friend who is planning to go on a wheat free diet so the above is fantastic alternative for those you are allergic to wheat, or are planning a healthier lifestyle.

The cupcakes were made with coconut flour, which is very difficult to find but I managed to source a jar. It also contains more eggs then usual to give it extra fluffiness, so for vegetarians who don't consume eggs the above won't be right for you.

I'm pleased to say the above is also sugar free and dairy free, and adding wheat free to the mix makes this cupcake a very healthy option. The texture of the cake is fluffy and quite close to that of a normal cupcake, but with hints of coconut as I also use coconut oil in the mixture, which is one of the healthiest oil options out there.

I forgot to take photos of the icing with it, but it's quite similar to a ganache, which is just unsweetened chocolate, few tsps of coconut oil, agave syrup and vanilla extract. The result is a smooth glossy chocolate icing that is the perfect accompaniment to it's moist fluffy base. So you can indulge freely without feeling guilty.

For those that want to order paleo cupcakes, just email me and I'll quote you from there.

Sugar Free Vegan Cupcakes

Recently, a very close friend of mine was feeling a little sad. I thought to perk up his day by making these delicious vegan chocolate and sugar free cupcakes which he can enjoy without guilt as he is diabetic.

I experimented with Agave Syrup, which is a natural sweet syrup derived from the Agave plant. The amount of processed sugar I use for my baking and icing halved down in portion because of the Agave Syrup. It is a lot more sweeter then sugar, but has a very low glycaemic index so it doesn't spike the bloodstream as high as normal sugar does, therefore having a slow release and sustaining blood sugar levels.

I ain't no doctor, but anything sweet in any form still have to be used sparingly and also enjoyed sparingly by diabetics. However, these cupcakes will have lesser impact on them then normal cupcakes.

I'm planning to make the above more often so if you don't take sugar or any dairy products, or allergic to dairy, the above is the right cupcake for you. And lemme tell you it is delicious!

Full Moon Baby Blue Cupcakes

A friend of my partner's just gave birth to a baby boy, so his colleagues request I made some cupcakes for the parents as gifts to them. I love these toppers that I bought in Jakarta some time back. Flavour was red velvet with vanilla cream  cheese frosting. 

3D Lego Cupcakes

These 3D lego cupcakes was made for an avid Lego fan's birthday. Flavour was chocolate and vanilla.

Hot Lips!

I loved making these hot lips cupcakes! My colleague requested a design she saw online. I managed to find the lip moulds at a baking craft store.

I used gumpaste for the lips, so I sprinkled corn flour inside the mould, pressed a small ball of gumpaste inside and there you go. I let it dry overnight before spraying with pink food spray. Walah!

Kiss anyone?

X Rated Cupcakes (Disclaimer: Please keep an OPEN mind)

These very very naughty cupcakes was made for a friend of a friend's friend's birthday. They just wanted an array of c$#%@ to surprise the birthday boy! Apparently he got the shock of his life.

As for the white stuff, don't worry it just icing sugar and water mixed together. 

Boob's for the Boss's Birthday

My dear boss turned 39 recently, and the poor guy gets stressed every now and then so we decided to brighten his day with boob cupcakes. The grin explains it all!

A Mickey & Minnie Cupcake Party!

This lovely lady over email sent me a picture of a cupcake set up she'd like to have for her twin's birthday. I was up for the challenge so I went ahead to create this special twin design.

I have to say it took about 4 days of prep to get everything sorted for this, so it was a little nerve wrecking but it all worked out good in the end!

The flavour was vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Google Christmas Cupcakes!

I was so pleased to find out that Google requested to bake Xmas cupcakes as holiday giveaways to their partners and colleagues! 

I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and I printed out the toppers and made them myself. 

Christmas Goodies

Christmas 2012 was definitely a sparkly time of the year for me as I baked these simple chocolate cupcakes with a green vanilla buttercream. I made the stars from fondant, and sprinkled edible glitter on them for that extra holiday cheer!

A Hello Kitty Birthday!

Hello cake in a cuppers! Pardon again, as usual I delay my blog uploads but I do have a good reason. I was busy moving house for a while and work got quite busy, but I did manage to make some fun creations the past 6 months so here I am sharing it with you!

My colleague had her birthday late last year, and her team requested me to make a Hello Kitty Cake for her which I was really nervous about but it turned out better then I expected! I used a hello kitty face template which I cut printed from the internet to trace the outline. For the ombre effect, I used a pink food spray and graduated the colour from bottom to top.

The result was just "kawaii'! Flavour was vanilla with vanilla buttercream.