Sunday, November 18, 2012

My 2nd Niece's 1st Birthday Celebrations!

I was very proud to bake for this day. This was for my 2nd niece, Siena's 1st Birthday! I previously baked for her big sister 2 years back and I was estatic to continue the tradition! We held the party at House in Dempsey Hill.

My sister bought the toppers from a children's shop, as the theme was vintage with pastel colours. My good friend Justin from Fleurlicious supplied the birdcages as an extra decor space for the cupcakes, which made the set up look more whimsical. My sister's sister in law made the hanging banner from strips of fabric, which added to the overall playfulness of the day. 

It was so fun and I was so excited that Siena tasted her first cupcake (chocolate with vanilla buttercream), and it was made by me. I love you my gu gu neh! 

With my precious 2nd niece Siena
Having her first bite of Ah Yee's cupcake

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